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me: *petting a cat* nice

cat: *bathes self where i touched it*

me: image

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One of the things I like about Iron Man is that while he is physically fit and capable, he relies on his mental agility, and his ability to deftly use the technology he has created, to get himself through tough situations. We saw the same thing from Nick Fury in the Winter Soldier ambush scene. He calmly assessed the situation and used the tech and tools at his disposal to get out safely (mostly).

As a child all I cared about was athleticism and I did not focus on mental agility. As I train my own children to be heroes, I hope to teach them that athleticism is great, but the ultimate weapon is their mind.


There’s just something about paying men excessive amounts of money to violently ram their heads into one another seems to affect their social skills.

Those are some funky fingers.

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Trailer Park Boys



So I was shit-plastered tired from work, bored out of my mind as fuck, scrolling through Netflix, like last week. And I see this Netflix Original Series on ‘Newly Added’ and in ‘Recommended for you’ with the tag ‘New Episodes’. 

I added it on my Instant Queue. To be honest what caught my eye was Bubble’s magnified glasses, Julian’s sexy black t-shirt, and the most glorious sideburns in the history of Canadian Television. 

Almost living at work, due to shitty hours, 12 hour shifts six days a week in a really manual laboured job, it took a couple of days more for me to actually watch the Pilot episode. I need sleep, I can’t not have my sleep. So I couldn’t get a proper time to watch the series. 

But one night, I got tired of waiting for the ‘proper time’ and I remember saying to myself, ‘Fuck it.’ 

Might I say this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It was like having a gift and a curse. A gift of entertainment and a curse that I haven’t slept in the past two/three days binge-watching the show. Hell, I would even skip work at work just to watch the show, buying extra data to stream Netflix on my phone. 

The B&Es, the guns, the swearing, the heavy drinking and smoking cigarettes and weed, the money-making schemes, the police chase and resisting arrests, the pinning-it-on Corey and Trevor, the shit metaphors, the money-making schemes, the kitties—— endless list of what this show makes it special but it all comes down to one thing, the community, the family, that they built around the audience is fucking amazing. It’s like, these people barely passed Grade 7 but you can see the values in their community like how they stick up with each other, Ricky, Julian, Bubbs; J-Roc and The Pile, Corey and Trevor/Jacob; how they try to live their lives like normal people – emphasis on try.

This is one of the shows that you should watch before you die. 


Yayy…it’s F-F-Friday, campers!


Yayy…it’s F-F-Friday, campers!

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